Discipleship Trails are the paths to spiritual growth at New Life Community Church (Loughborough). They are based on 1 John 2v12-14 where the apostle John mentions 3 stages of spiritual growth; Children, Young men and Fathers/Mothers. John Highlights the main issues at each stage of growth.
Assurance that you are a Christian. This involves getting strong foundations in place.
Young Men
Overcoming the evil one by becoming strong in the word of God.
A deep relationship with the Lord and parenting younger believers.
At New Life we have broken down these stages of faith into 4 discipleship paths or trails with the goal of building strong and fruitful followers of Christ. To maximise and accelerate growth the trails are designed to be intensely practical. Knowledge lived out is the only knowledge that we truly own. The four trails are:

Base camp

Freedom from past
Spiritual Disciplines
Habits & Addictions

Go & Tell
Young Men

Gospel Joy
Battle for mind

Fruitful Service
Young Men

Key Character shifts
Gifts & Service

Make Disciples

Knowing God
Sacrificial Love
Discipling Others
Biblical defence
Each trail takes you deeper into the word of God, establishes good habits, and practices and lives out what is taught. The goal is to love God and love people, becoming effective disciples of Jesus. This is an overview; other things included are warfare, relationships, mission trips (if desired), conscience, handling temptation and sin, rejoicing in Christ and being gospel centred.

The questionnaire will show you the degree to which you are in the different stages of faith (child, young man, father). It will also show you which discipleship trail will likely be best for you at this time.
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